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About Me

I am a highly motivated and dedicated music teacher in public and private schools and taught piano lessons to people from six and up for years. My Northwoods fifth grade chorus was selected twenty years to perform at Pieces of Gold in Wake County and placed first in festivals at Williamsburg, Orlando, Myrtle Beach, and Washington D.C.

My philosophy of teaching is an outgrowth of my love for children and watching them learn. Every child should feel successful. I believe that through music, children learn to use there imaginations and develop ideas for musical expression. They also develop confidence as they learn to play the piano, sing, and dance.

I incorporate technology into my lessons. I've had students who come first and second place in the Sonatina competition (CAPTA) and received superior ratings at the Young Artists Competition (RPTA).

Playing the piano can improve the way a child thinks and music majors are the most likely group of college graduates to be admitted to medical school.


  • AB in Fine Arts from UNC Chapel Hill

  • Bachelor of Music Education from UNC Chapel Hill

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