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“Ms. Melba is a lovely, talented piano instructor who brings joy to learning to play the piano.  She encourages and challenges our daughter to do her best with positivity and the right amount of enthusiasm.  She gets to know her students well and her devotion to them is evident.   She offers individual music style choices that are engaging and cultivate a continued passion and excitement for learning to play the piano.”

   — Jill Strickland

“Melba has instilled a true love for piano in my young children. She is patient, encouraging and fun, and provides such special experiences for her students. My children adore her and look forward to learning from her each week! I am so grateful for the skills and joy she is sharing with my children (and with our whole family!).”

   — Lindsay Beavers

“Having had five or six piano teachers over the past thirteen years that my son Evan has been playing, we feel very lucky to have found Melba and David. Evan and I have the highest regard for them both for their individual teaching skills and the synergistic results of their working in tandem. Melba tailors lessons not only to Evan's skill level, but to his preferences; both she and David have been uncharacteristically flexible in letting Evan bring songs that he wants to do. But perhaps what stands out most to both Evan and I is the genuine personal involvement and caring both have shown him over the past couple of years. It didn’t take more than two lessons to feel like family. Highly recommended at every level.”

   — Gordon Hutchison

My granddaughter has taken piano lessons with Melba White for the last 3 years.  Melba is a well respected music educator and teacher.  She is patient, kind, and passionate about music.  My granddaughter’s musical development with Melba has far exceeded my expectations.

   — Shelia Bueter

I have taken piano lessons from Ms.White for 7 years and she has been there for me through it all! She’s not one of those teachers that forces you to play rigidly from the book (I have had those teachers and trust me when I say it is not fun). Ms.White taught me to love piano and every time I play it’s from my heart. She encourages me to play music outside of my comfort zone and challenges me to be my best musical self. I highly recommend taking piano lessons from her and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

   — Reeva Patel

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